Celebrate the life of our Walt the Warrior with buying your Walt Arrows Shirt!

The Walt Arrows Shirt Fundraiser has closed. THANK YOU to our Warriors For Walt for celebrating our Walt’s beautiful life on his first Angelversary! We met our STRETCH goal of 200 Walt Arrows Shirts and Onesies with a total of 207 pieces purchased and a total amount raised of $3,090! Please note your Walt Arrows […]

2017 Ruby’s Rainbow Warriors For Walt $5,000 Scholarship Recipient Announcement

We are proud to announce the 2017 Ruby’s Rainbow Warriors For Walt $5,000 Scholarship Recipient … MISS MARY BORMAN! Saturday, July 1, 2017 On behalf of Ruby’s Rainbow and Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund, Liz and Trey awarded Mary Borman with her BIG, OLD $5,000 scholarship check! Mary will be attending the University of Arkansas […]

Celebrate Walt’s First Birthday!

Celebrate Walt’s First Birthday on November 18th by donating to the Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund! *CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR DONATION*   By making your recurring or one-time donation to Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund, your financial gift will benefit nonprofits like Ruby’s Rainbow, Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s CVICU, ACCESS Schools Inc., The Lucy Simpson […]

Walt’s Celebration of Life Memorial Service

The Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Walter Luther Morris IV will be Saturday, September 17 at 2:00 pm followed by a reception to honor our mighty warrior. The service will take place at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Helena, Arkansas. Attire will be ONLY vibrant colors (NO BLACK) and/or your WALT shirt. The service […]

Walt is changing lives! Thanks to all who helped support our campaigns!

Our Loyal Warriors for Walt, We want to thank you for your support of Walt the Warrior and the amazing individuals with Down syndrome. Through the 321 Pledge on World Down syndrome Day and the Booster Campaign selling Walt shirts, we were able to raise enough money to award two $3,000 Ruby’s Rainbow scholarships and […]

Second Booster Campaign – Purchase a Walt shirt and support Ruby’s Rainbow

If you haven’t purchased your Walt shirt you have another chance. We are launching our second booster campaign. All proceeds will go to Ruby’s Rainbow. Look on our “How You Can Help” page to learn more about Ruby’s Rainbow. Thank you for supporting Walt and our family through this time! Follow the link below to […]

Thanks For Purchasing Your Warrior Shirt!

Congratulations, We did it! Our campaign is closed and the shirt orders will ship no later than 5/23/2016. We sold 211 shirts and raised $952.51 in additional donations, resulting in the grand total raised amount of $1,920.73! Thanks for all your support!

Become a Warrior…For a limited time you can order a t-shirt and show support for Walt.

The Walt t-shirt was created by our dear friends, Teresa, Blair, and Cathy to show support.
In response to the popularity of the shirt we have started this booster campaign. Order your shirt today and show support for Walt…Become a WARRIOR!

All funds raised will go directly to ARKANSAS CHILDRENS HOSPITAL.

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Walt’s Journey

On November 18th, 2015, Trey and Liz Morris welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world, Walter Luther Morris IV – “Walt”. Walt was diagnosed at birth with Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome). The next day, Walt was transported and admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH). An echocardiogram confirmed that […]

#WaltsWarriors, I want to share with you Our #WaltTheWarrior story. When I was pregnant, my husband and I did not find out the gender because all we prayed for was a healthy baby. We never did genetic testing or any in depth ultrasounds because we didn’t have a reason to since I was under the age of 30 and nothing ran in our family to alarm my amazing OBGYN to test further. I couldn’t have asked for a better pregnancy, other than having severe “morning sickness” 24/7, I was on cloud nine during my pregnancy. I loved being pregnant with our #SweetBabyMo. I always had the feeling of wanting to be pregnant forever to keep the connection with our baby and to protect him/her forever. The day of Walt’s birth will always be the most surprising and out of body experience feeling I believe I will ever experience. I went in at 39weeks and 2days to be induced. My Labor&Delivery was smooth sailing and it felt like a party while we waited for our #SweetBabyMo to make his/her grand entrance. After 45mins of pushing, out came a beautiful, squishy, screaming baby boy! We had welcomed our Walter Luther Morris, IV “Walt” into this world. Then the news of his #T21 #DownSyndrome diagnosis was shared and the worry that he may have a heart condition was possible. After processing the happiest feelings of Walt being born, we then had to process the life we know had with our Walt that we never planned on having. I now say and believe that God laughs at our plans. He knows what we can handle and He hand-picked Trey and I to be Walt’s parents and biggest advocates. We were and still are genuinely excited to raise a child with an extra chromosome and experience the love and compassion that our Walt will imprint on the world. But the worry of our precious baby having open-heart surgery always haunted us. And now we are here. Walt’s surgery repair was perfect. We keep hearing the doctors tell us that. We now need Walt to be in stable condition, with stable numbers so his body can work the way it needs to. We ask you KEEP ON PRAYING for our #WaltBabyLove. God is answering our prayers. God wants us to keep fighting for Walt so that Walt can keep fighting for himself. THANK YOU TO THE MAXX!!