Our Tribe

Our Tribe are the 501(c)3 organizations that embody the Warriors For Walt Mission.

The Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund financially supports Our Tribe by giving grants through the Arkansas Community Foundation.


Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund

Give the Gift of Awareness, Inclusion, Opportunity and Hope



Ruby's Rainbow

Ruby’s Rainbow is to grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes. It is our goal to create awareness of the capabilities of these amazing individuals and help them achieve their dreams of higher education.

In 2016,  Team Morris (Liz, Trey and Walt the Warrior) teamed up with Ruby's Rainbow for the 321 Pledge. Our Walt's Warriors ROCKED IT on fundraising and raised over $6,000! Ruby's Rainbow granted out two $3,000 Warriors For Walt Scholarships.

In 2017, Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund committed to raising $5,000 for the Ruby's Rainbow Warriors For Walt Scholarship. The 2017 Ruby's Rainbow Rockin' Recipient awarded the Warriors For Walt $5,000 Scholarship was Miss Mary Borman. Read more here about Warriors For Walt giving Mary the gift of higher eduation!

Our goal is that one day the Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund through the Arkansas Community Foundation will be able to grant a FULL-RIDE SCHOLARSHIP to a Ruby's Rainbow Rockin' Recipient in honor and memory of our Walt the Warrior!

Click here to learn more about the 2016 ROCKIN' RECIPIENTS of the Warriors For Walt Scholarships.

Click here to get the background story on how Team Morris found Ruby's Rainbow.



The Mission of ACCESS is Expanding Individual Potential Through Innovative Instruction.

In February 2016,  Team Morris (Liz, Trey and Walt the Warrior) toured ACCESS for the first time. Let's just say it was love at first sight. We were on the search for the perfect educational and therapy fit for our Walt the Warrior. After entering into the doors of ACCESS' Early Childhood Education Building. our hearts felt at home.

Fast-forward to today, ACCESS continues to be a support for our family. Even though our precious and mighty Walt the Warrior will never toddle in through the doors of ACCESS, the team at ACCESS welcomes our ideas and energy to support the mission of ACCESS.

Our goal is for the Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund though the Arkansas Community Foundation to financially support projects that create an educational environment to benefit all ACCESS students while honoring our Walt the Warrior.



Arkansas Hospice

Arkansas Hospice's Mission is to enhance the quality of life for those facing serious illness and loss by surrounding them with love and embracing them with the best in physical, emotional and spiritual care.

If it were not for the support of Arkansas Hospice's Pediatric Team partnering with the Palliative Care Team at Arkansas Children's Hospital, Walt would have never been able to come home to take his last breath. Team Morris was able to walk Walt to Heaven peacefully when removing life-support in the comfort of their own home because of Arkansas Hospice. Every family should have this choice - to surround their terminally ill child with unconditional love and expert care while in the safety and security of their home.

In 2017, the Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund through the Arkansas Community Foundation financially supports the general efforts of Arkansas Hospice.

Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund is privileged to support Arkansas Hospice!


Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation 

The Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation advocates for unique and collaborative approaches to medical and patient care that make a difference for children and families facing congenital heart disease.

Team Lindberg and Team Morris share a heartbreaking commonality - both of their firstborn sons passed away due to complications from open-heart surgery. From their heartbreak, Ethan's Warrior Mama, Jessica, and Walt's Warrior Mama, Liz, are on a mission to help families facing the challenges of congenital heat disease (CHD) and positively impact the way medical teams make decisions for all children fighting CHD by empowering families. 

In 2017, the Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund through the Arkansas Community Foundation supported the Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation' financial commitment to the FDA-Approved study at Boston Children's Hospital that uses stem cells to improve diastolic dysfunction. As our Warriors For Walt know, Walt's heart went into diastolic dysfunction after his open-heart surgery to repair his complete atrioventricular canal (complete AV Canal) CHD. If you are interested in learning more about this study, click here to read the press release

Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund is proud to support the efforts of the Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation to finding a therapy for diastolic dysfunction and gathering together where families are helping families facing CHD!


Lucy Simpson Foundation

The Mission of the Lucy Simpson Foundation is to offer Comfort, Care and Financial Assistance to families that have lost children; in the spirit of Galatians 6:2 :: "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."

In the days following Walt's passing, a box arrived on Team Morris' doorstep. As Liz opened the box, the contents of the box filled Liz's heart with hope. Books, playlists, stories, self-care items, and the list goes on. Liz had received a Hope Box from the Lucy Simpson Foundation. This Hope Box was Walt whispering in his mama's ear, "You are not alone." What a gift the Lucy Simpson Foundation is to bereaved families!

In 2017, the Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund through the Arkansas Community Foundation is paying it forward and granted monies towards providing Hope Boxes for 10 bereaved families.

Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund is honored to have the Lucy Simpson Foundation a part of Our Tribe to spread hope to families suffering the loss of  their child.


Freeman Foundation - Freeman Playground

The mission of the Freeman Foundation is to enhance the lives of children and families living in Phillips County, Arkansas. The first program of the Freeman Foundation is the Freeman Playground. The mission of the Freeman Playground is to provide children and families of all ability levels with a safe, healthy, and fun place to play.

In 2015, Liz and Misti were united by their precious and mighty boys, Walt and Freeman. Both warrior boys valiantly fought every day of their lives and showed the world how to truly live a life of intention by never giving up. And now Liz and Misti live their lives by honoring their angel sons and spreading kindness throughout their communities.

In 2017, Walt's Grandparents, Sherbear, JayJay, Papa B and Wally, donated money to purchase a bench in Freeman Playground. Also, Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund through the Arkansas Community Foundation has granted monies towards the efforts of Freeman Playground!

Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund is proud to have the Freeman Foundation – Freeman Playground a part of Our Tribe to spread awareness, inclusion and opportunity to children and families of all abilities!

Check back soon for pictures from Freeman Playground!